Hunger Games 3 Youtube Series 'District Voices' Brings Five Days Of New Content Exploring Panem From Popular Online Video Personalities [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 20, 2014 02:58 PM EDT

Attention, citizens of Panem. In anticipation of the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Lionsgate is releasing a new series of videos to designed keep you, the ignorant masses, happy and unaware of the turmoil soon to be hitting the Capitol.

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The new series, which is called CAPITOL TV, comes via the new Youtube Spaces LA and features five popular Youtube channels putting their own unique spin onto a different aspect of the world of The Hunger Games. Each channel aligns with a specific industry that matches with a corresponding district from the series. Though I don't think there are many mining Youtubers on the internet, so District 12 won't be there.

Not that District 12 is anywhere anymore!

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The series is part of Google's Art, Copy & Code project, which is a series of projects that explore new ways for brands to connect with consumers through experiences that people love, remember and share. Said Google's Director of Creative Partnerships, Ben Malbon:

"YouTube is the best place to build a fanbase. This collaboration with Lionsgate showcases how brands can harness the power of Google and YouTube to reach their core audience when they are engaging with the content they are most passionate about and where they are spending the majority of their time."

Starting today, October 20 and for each day this week at 4 PM Eastern, fans can tune into the following channels to learn a little something more about the world of the Hunger Games.

Monday, October 20 - District 8: Rob Czar & Corinne Leigh, co-helmers of the 'Threadbanger' YouTube channel, show how to best make use of excess Peacekeeper armor.

Tuesday, October 21 - District 2: Shane Fazen, of the 'fightTIPS' YouTube channel, showcases the training and techniques required to be a Peacekeeper in Panem.

Wednesday, October 22 - District 5: Derek Muller, known for the mind-blowing experiments and scientific discussions on his YouTube channel 'Veritasium', demonstrates new ways in which the Capitol may generate its electricity in the future.

Thursday, October 23 - District 9: Jimmy Wong & Ashley Adams, best known for their 'Feast of Fiction' YouTube channel, demonstrate baking techniques from Panem's Grain District.

Friday, October 24 - District 6: iJustine's Justine Ezarik, gives a glimpse at the driving force that proudly supports the transportation needs of Panem's vaunted Peacekeepers.

The whole series is a fascinating experiment in the ways that entertainment 'universes' can be expanded and created beyond the confines of the film or show they belong in. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 opens in every single theater on earth on November 21.

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