The Witcher Adventure Game Combat Preview: Geralt Of Riva Comes To Tabletops From Arkham Horror Company Fantasy Flight Games

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 31, 2014 01:39 PM EDT

Geralt of Rivia will soon be traveling to a strange new land: your tabletop. Fantasy Fight Games, the masters of the analog game world, are giving up to four players the power to battle the forces of darkness wherever they may go

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As long as they don't go far, of course. Today, Fantasy Flight released a new preview highlighting the combat mechanic for The Witcher Adventure Game. Now, the company is not known for its simplicity. Their Arkham Horror line of games features, and I am not exaggerating: a BILLION cards, items, monsters and everything. Combat can be long, involved and may or may not require a calculator, depending on the circumstances.

So it is with some relief that the combat system in The Witcher Adventure Game seems... easy? Basically, you roll six dice. Three are your hero dice, three are your combat dice. "Most monsters bear two numbers: a sword stat that determines how many swords you must roll to destroy the monster, and a shield stat that shows how many shields you must roll to escape the fight unscathed." Your objective is to match or exceed the number of swords with whatever monster you are battling.

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In the example given on the site, Geralt has rolled four swords and one shield. He is combating a Kikimore, some horrid green monstrosity, who has a sword count of four. Success! However, since the Kikimore has two shields, and Geralt only rolled one, he takes a point of damage due to the creature's ability.

Needless to say, combat will play a big role in almost any adventure you undertake. Either you'll have to slash your way to victory, or hack your way out of a defeat, expect to roll a lot of dice.

"The world of The Witcher holds countless adventures and beneficial encounters, but it is also full of unfathomable danger. No matter where you travel, you cannot escape the monsters and foul fate tokens that plague the Northern Kingdoms. Muster your will and prepare to battle against the darkness in The Witcher Adventure Game." Head over to the full site for a more focused rundown and an overview of the Foul Fate mechanic.

The Witcher Adventure Game is not available at this time. But we can imagine it will be out around the time The Witcher III: Wild Hunt hits consoles and PCs next February.

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