Clash Of Clans Air Assault Guide: A New Strategy Emerges 'The Quatroballoonian'; Find Out How It Works [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 19, 2014 01:26 PM EST

Good afternoon, Clashers. How fares it in the world? Everyone's always looking for a new strategy to exploit and master. But with a game like Clash of Clans, which has been out for years now, there is very little new under the sun. Until today.

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While the latest attack strategy from our favorite Youtuber Galadon does not utilize any of the (albeit quite silly) unit formations I proposed a few months ago, it is a new tactic to put into your air assault playbook. Titled the 'Quatrolavaloonian', the new tactic was an idea from a fellow clanmate of his. It's simple: four Lava hounds (the Quatrolava), with the max complement of Balloons and Minions (the loonian).

What happens is very quick, but not entirely too powerful all out air bombardment. The Lava Hound is a great unit, but it doesn't last that long. Due to its space requirements in your army, players utilize one or two at most. But my, the destruction they can deliver when there are four of the flying, hulking creatures rampaging over the map. The Hounds help keep the air defenses off the Balloons and Minions, who mop up.

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Once the Lava Hounds go down, it's short work for the remaining defenses to eradicate your force, but not before first securing a one or two star victory (if not more). Bring plenty of spells and be sure to have the King and Queen on backup to play sweep in case you need that extra oomph to push you into victorious territory.

Galadon manages a three star victory on his first attempt at the strategy!

So if you don't have a lot of time, the Quatroballoonian strategy can take less than a minute to fully deploy. Can't you afford a minute of your time to try out some awesome Clash of Clans assaults?

Watch how it works below.

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