Black Friday Board And Card Game Deals From CoolStuffInc: Magic The Gathering Singles, D&D, Pathfinder, Pokemon And Others On Sale

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 28, 2014 09:00 AM EST

Happy Black Friday one and all. You probably have today off, in which case, kudos! How are you spending it? Because we all really think that you should be playing the old analog games - board games, card games, dice games. And barring that, you should at least be buying those in droves.

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To that end, CoolStuffInc, purveyor of stuff that can be cool is having a pretty great sale on all things real world. So grab some friends, get some leftovers and head on over to CoolStuffInc. Below we'll give you just a taste of what you should check out.

Firstly, the site has over 300 Magic The Gathering cards on sale from many of the modern sets of the world's most enduring collectible card game. Need to Return to Ravnica? Or maybe you need to complete some of your Worldwake set? They even have some of the classic dual lands like Taiga. Prices range from $.99 all the way into the hundreds. Sorry. No Alpha packs on sale.

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Ninety board games are on sale, and I'm not talking Monopoly or Clue. I'm talking about the kinds with a million moving parts, and stunning artwork and strategy galore. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is on sale for $24.99 (more than half off), or pick up Fluxx or any number of Munckin companion games.

A lot of RPG compendiums are on sale, including the old copies of D&D 4th Edition (not too well loved in the community but still worth it). Several Star Wars: Age of Rebellion decks are available, too!

Like Pokemon? Various Pokemon X/Y booster packs have had their prices reduced, too.

And so much more. Heroclix, YuGiOh, Star Wars Miniatures and more. Check it out, find something you might like.

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