Fortnite Alpha Keys Sent Out Today: People Are Playing Epic Games' New Co-Op Multiplayer Game Right Now [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 02, 2014 11:13 AM EST

Epic Games, formerly known as Epic MegaGames and who you may know as the guys behind Unreal and Gears of War, have formally announced the beginning of Alpha testing for their upcoming title, Fortnite. The invites have gone out today, but you can still jump in on the action.

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The Alpha period, which the devs are calling Online Test 1 (OT1) runs from today, December 2 to December 19. Invites to players who have already signed up have been sent out, with more codes to be delivered later in the week. You can sign up here for your chance to participate. Each invite code allows you to invite two of your friends.

According to Epic Games, "During this phase of the Alpha, Epic is testing to verify at a larger scale that the basic systems in the game function properly, from sign-ups and patching, to gameplay. Epic is devoted to taking its time and working with players to make Fortnite a great experience."

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Naturally, we like signing up for any and all alphas because we like being on the ground floor. But what exactly is Fortnite? The best way to describe it is Team Fortresscraft, combining the combat of Team Fortress 2 and the building mechanics of Minecraft. Teams construct their own bases, adding walls, traps, guns, etc and then are faced with stopping wave after wave of undead or other various monsters that emerge each night from a mysterious phenomenon known as The Storm.

Players scramble to assemble weapons and defenses from what they find lying around or from the corpses of monsters in what looks like a very fun take on the team based shooter genre.

Obviously, the developers of the game are going to love playing the game as shown in the new minute long gameplay video that was released. But even the most cynical amongst have to admit that Epic might be onto something. Check it out below.

To sign up for the Alpha or just to stay on top of Fortnite news, head on over to the Official Page.

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