'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 8 Week 3 Punchcard Challenges Guide: Best Places to Hunt Wolves, Find the Ice Machine

'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 8 Week 3 Punchcard Challenges Guide: Best Places to Hunt Wolves, Find the Ice Machine

In this week's set of "Punchcard Challenges" in Fortnite, players must locate and hunt down a wolf for Grim Fable and find a ice machine for Big Mouth. In order to complete this tasks faster, they need to go to the places that could make those said tasks easier for them.

by Staff Reporter


'Fortnite' Patch 18.10 Update: How Long is the Server Maintenance, Fixes, Additions, and Other Things Players Could Expect

Fortnite will receive its Patch 18.10 Updat6e, bringing in possible additions and fixes to its bugs. But in order to implement them, the shooting game will have it scheduled server maintenance, which will be last for an indefinite time.

by Staff Reporter


Epic Games Free Games List Include 'Rebel Galaxy'+ Other Title Giveaways Next Week Revealed: How to Get

Apic Games Store will give away a free copy of "Rebel Galaxy" for a limited time only. Players can get this free copy in the online digital store and experience gameplay that is full of battleship battles, piracy, trading, and much more.

by Staff Reporter


Epic Games Store 'Control' Free Giveaway: How to Get this Psychological Third-Person Shooter for Free

Epic Games Store will give away another game from their library for free. This time, the focus is on the 2019 psychological thriller shooter game, "Control," which takes its players to paranormal world within the "Oldest House."

by Staff Reporter


Epic Games' 'Frostpunk' Giveaway: How to Get this City-Builder for Free

Epic Games will give a game for free today entitled "Frostpunk." This City-builder survival game will make you become a leader and build a post-apocalyptic city while thinking of the survival of your people.

by Staff Reporter


'Unreal Engine 5' Early Access: What Games are in Development? What New Features Does it Offer?

Epic Games launched the newest Unreal Engine 5 with new tools for game developers. Tools such as "Nanite" and "Lumen" will give developers a chance to create surreal environments.

by Staff Reporter

Paragon's Monolith Update Introduces A Complete Overhaul

‘Paragon’ News & Updates: Understanding Why The ‘Monolith’ Update Matters For Paragon’s Gameplay

Although Paragon runs on the fabled Unreal Engine 4, enabling it to maximize its impressive graphics, critics have pointed to its sluggish gameplay. That’s what the Monolith update promises to change.

by Milton Letterman

Paragon - Monolith Update Overview

'Paragon' Release Date, News & Update: Epic Games Releases 'Monolith' Update, Featuring New Maps & Revamped Gameplay Experience

The new "Monolith" update for "Paragon" features a new asymmetrical map and a revamped gameplay experience that makes it even more exciting to play.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Paragon - Countess Announce (Available October 25)

'Paragon' News & Updates: BloodRayne Lookalike Countess Rayne Joining The Game's Roster!

Epic Games' MOBA, "Paragon," is getting a character that pretty much is BloodRayne.

by Joe Marsalis


Zombies Can Be Funny, Too is Driving Philosophy Behind Fornite's Cartoony Design; New Dev Video Explains

Epic Games released a new video outlining the design history of their upcoming shooter Fortnite. Originally conceived as something much darker, the gameplay eventually lead to a more light-hearted and humorous title. And we think that is for the better.

by Steve Buja


Build And Defend: The Fortnite Alpha Begins Today From The Creators Of Unreal And Gears Of War

Epic Games, the minds behind Gears of War and Unreal and countless other titles, has begun their invite-only Alpha testing period for their upcoming Minecraft-esque action Fortnite. There's still time to sign up!

by Steve Buja

Unreal Engine 4.3

If Your Trees Have Been Lacking, Unreal Engine 4.3 (Out Today) Will Fix That Right Up

Epic Games releases the Unreal Engine 4.3 today, becoming the first version of the engine to be able to integrate SpeedTree runtimes. See what's changed for subscribers!

by Luca Saitta

Tekken 7

Baby Mishima Drama: Tekken 7 Teaser Unveiled At EVO 2014

Bandai Namco would like to extend a solemn invitation to the latest episode of Tekken, the ongoing saga of the Mishimas, the family that punches together yet doesn't stay together. Or they do, depending on how you look at it.

by Luca Saitta

Tappy Chicken

Epic Games Advertises Unreal Engine 4 Development Ease and Availability Under the Guise of Flappy Bird Clone, Tappy Chicken

Of the countless Flappy Bird clone developers in the mobile world who've tried to capitalize on the game's success and fill the void left by the app's removal, yet one more studio has stepped into the ring, and it's a name you might recognize.

by Luke Caulfield

Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 2014 Announced!

It's been seven years since Unreal Tournament 3 and gamers have been wondering when Epic Games will get back to their immensely popular first person shooter. Now it's been revealed- Unreal Tournament 2014 is in the works, and it will be completely free.

by Alex Riviello

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