The Dark Knight Returns Sequel: Frank Miller and Scott Snyder To Pen New 'Dark Knight Three' Comic Book? [RUMOR]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 04, 2014 10:18 AM EST

When those in the know talk about game changing comics, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson is always, always, at the top of the list. The dark and gritty book took super heroes and the craft in a whole new direction in the 80s, although it was followed up by less well-received The Dark Knight Strikes Again two decades later. That's not the end for the series, though- Bleeding Cool has leaked that there is a possible third book for the iconic series in the works from Miller.

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Dark Knight Three, as it's being tentatively called, is being discussed by Miller's camp. The book would be written by Miller and the current Batman writer, Scott Snyder. However, fans looking forward to another dose of Miller art work will possibly be disappointed as the comic great is in poor health these days and may not be able to complete such a task. Dan DiDio, DC co-publisher and others are looking to have the book done by multiple artists with different styles.

If the project goes through, this will likely be a stand-alone book without spin offs or further stories. It will be the end of the trilogy. This would be the third book, as the title indicates. The sequel to The Dark Knight Returns was released in 2001 and titled The Dark Knight Strikes Again, taking the original story of political corruption and responsiblity further by dragging big business into the mix. 

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The new work will follow much the same arc as the past books but this time Carrie Kelly, and ex-Robin, is faced with the same problems her mentor looked at in the original and will be searching for a new hero to take her place and protect the city. Check out a trailer for the animated version of DKR below.

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