Cyber Week Board And Card Game Sales From CoolStuffInc; Game Of Thrones, Magic, Pokemon, D&D And More Available Until Sunday

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 05, 2014 07:00 AM EST

The fine folks over at CoolStuffInc, purveyors of all things that may or not be "cool" via the socially accepted definition of the word, are wrapping up their Cyber Week sale with a great many deals for the board and card game aficionado in your life.

Amazon Cyber Week Madness Continues!

The company is offering over 300 Magic: The Gathering singles and boxes from across the entire 20 year history of the game. Featuring cards from Revised on up through the latest, now is the best time to plug the holes in your collection, or even pick up some of the Dual Lands you’ve long craved. Sure, they’re expensive, but think of the power you get. You can also pick up booster boxes from various expansions and core sets.

There are board games aplenty on sale, too. Suppose you’ve exhausted the first chapter of Telltale’s Game of Thrones adventure? Why not try your hand at the Game of Thrones boardgame? Or pick up the House Baratheon expansion for Battlelore: Battles of Westeros for 40 bucks. It’ll save you about $25.

Best Buy Unveils Two For One Game Sale Starting Next Week

If hosting a holiday party and you don’t feel like alienating your co-workers with Cards Against Humanity just yet, then pick up Fluxx for six bucks. Fun, fast and ever changing. Sure to be a hit.

Several Pathfinder Adventure Card Game decks are on still on sale for eight dollars. Best not to wait too much longer, though. Also, if you’re looking for more World of Tanks because it being on your PC, iOS and now Android device just isn’t enough, you can pick up World of Tanks Rush, the tactical board game. Check out the full list of board games here.

CoolStuffInc has greatly increased its supply of on-sale Pokemon singles. The Cyber Week sale includes nearly 200 cards, ranging in price from 80 bucks to $1.50 from all series. As with Magic: TG, isn’t now a good time to fill in the missing pieces?

Over 200 Heroclix figures are on sale for varying prices. It’s a collector’s dream! A beautiful, December dream.

Head on over to CoolStuffInc for their everchanging list of sales and be sure to turn off the tv, cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy all the board and card game goodness this holiday season. The sales last until end of day Sunday.

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