Censored Papers, Please iPad Release Coming December 12; Vita Version Still A Ways Out

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 11, 2014 11:32 AM EST

Dust off your Arstotzkan passport and get your denial stamp ready. Papers, Please, the game that made "border control simulator" an actual type of game, is coming to iPads.

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Indie developer Lucas Pope announced that an iPad port of his popular game Papers, Please will be hitting Apple's App Store on December 12. One primary difference between the PC game and this iPad port is that nudity in the game's body scanners has been removed entirely. The censored option that allowed PC players to make sure every border crosser's underpants remain intact during scanning sequences looks to be the default and only option for iPad players, thanks to Apple's rules on "pornographic content."

Pope also mentioned on Twitter that the game's port for the PlayStation Vita is still under development, though it's taking longer and has no estimated launch window.

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In Papers, Please, the player is given the job of a border control agent for the strict nation of Arstotzka. Every day the player needs to make enough money to keep his family housed, fed and warm while keeping up with the constantly changing regulations for entrance into Arstotzka. The game's story mode contains plenty of moral choices, like choosing whether or not to let a woman with improper documentation into the country with her husband and risk getting your pay docked for the day.

The whole thing is built on a challenging gameplay system that has you meticulously checking each potential entrant's documents, making sure they all line up to Arstotzkan immigration protocol for that day. Since the controls of Papers, Please are based entirely around dragging items, it's a logical game to get on touch screen platforms like tablets. For gamers who don't have an iPad, Papers, Please is still available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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