Street Fighter 5 Details: New Fighter Charlie Nash Revealed In Trailer, More Features Shown In 8-Minute Gameplay Video

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 15, 2014 03:09 PM EST

Back when Street Fighter V was officially confirmed as a PS4 and PC exclusive at PlayStation Experience, the presenters teased that more information would be shown at Capcom Cup. Now that Capcom Cup has wrapped, a couple of new Street Fighter V details have risen to the surface, including information about several game mechanics and even a new fighter.

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Over the weekend, Capcom released an extended cut of the gameplay trailer shown at PlayStation Experience. The trailer still shows series regulars Chun-Li and Ryu going toe-to-toe, but it ends with a cryptic teaser for a new character. Specifically, the trailer reveals the return of the fighter Charlie Nash.

For those who need a refresher course, Charlie Nash was first mentioned in the story of Street Fighter II, but he made his playable debut in the Street Fighter Alpha games. Charlie is a Marine buddy of Guile, Street Fighter's more popular military brawler, but it looks like he'll be throwing punches and sending out sonic booms himself when Street Fighter V finally launches.

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Capcom Cup also gave fans a chance to see two players run their own version of the Chun-Li/Ryu face-off in the first live gameplay demo we've seen of Street Fighter V. The video, which you can check out below, consists of two full matches between the two characters, and it reveals quite a bit about some of the game's mechanics.

First, the game includes two kinds of special meter. The Revenge meter sits right below the characters' health and allows them to pull off super moves that can take off a significant chunk of an enemy's health if they connect. This meter resets at the end of each round. The EX meter sits at the bottom of the screen and allows fighters to augment their special moves with a little more power by burning a chunk of the meter. The EX meter can also be burned all at once, providing fighters with a temporary, general damage boost. An interesting note on the EX meter is it's not necessarily the same for each character. In the live demo, Chun-Li rocked an EX meter split into three chunks, while Ryu only had two.

Finally, the gameplay demo showed a little bit more about interactive levels in Street Fighter V. It seems that whenever you knock out an opponent while they're standing at the edge of a stage, the stage is liable to change for the rest of the match. The trailer already showed that knocking out your opponent along the left edge of one particular stage causes a wall to break and doubles the length of the stage for the next round. In the new live gameplay video, Ryu slams Chun-Li into the new left edge of the stage that opens up, knocking her into a kitchen and forcing Chun-Li to complete the rest of the match with a bowl of noodles on her head. It's an interesting way to keep the gameplay dynamic while really only changing aesthetic elements of the game.

Street Fighter V will be launching for PC and PS4.

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