iOS 8.2 Preview: Apple Health Will Regain Blood Sugar Input Support, Other Improvements In Next Major Mobile Update

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 19, 2014 01:29 PM EST

iOS 8.2 preview builds have been out to developers for a while now, so we've been able to get a look at what this upcoming mobile update has in store. As it turns out, Apple Health will be getting a few improvements in iOS 8.2, including the reintroduction of its ability to track blood glucose levels.

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Two months ago, Apple had to disable the blood glucose input functions of Apple Health. The program wasn't fully compatible with both units of measurement that are used in different countries to measure blood sugar. Instead of risking the chance that an Australian user would misread the blood glucose readings, Apple decided to pull the functionality altogether until a fix was made.

According to 9to5Mac, this fix is coming in iOS 8.2, and diabetics will again be able to manually input their blood glucose levels into Apple Health using the appropriate unit of measurement. That's not the extent of Apple Health's improvements in iOS 8.2, though. Apple is also putting in helpful descriptions in each section of data. For example, with iOS 8.2, Apple Health will explain what blood glucose is to a user who clicks on that section of the app. The same will be true for other data like body mass index and zinc. It all serves to educate users just a little bit more about what all of the numbers in Apple Health mean.

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iOS 8.2 is also set to be the mobile upgrade that makes iPhones compatible with the upcoming Apple Watch. Apple has already released the WatchKit API to developers so they can get started on apps before the wearable finally launches sometime in the first half of 2015. Since the watch itself has uninspiring technical specs, many calculations will be done by the synced iPhone, requiring the two devices to pair together smoothly.

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