Film And Television Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Box Sets, Artsy Prints And Metal Monstrosities For All Of Your Favorite Franchises

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 23, 2014 10:49 PM EST

If you’re reading this at this point, it’s already too late. However, as someone famous and with total lack of punctuality once said, ‘Better late than never’. Ordering almost anything online right now for Christmas is a lost cause at worst, and a gamble with weather and postal workers as best.

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We’ve covered board games, we’ve covered books, mobile games and a whole host of others. But what do you get the movie and television fan in your life? And let’s throw a little twist on it: let’s remove any and all Marvel paraphernelia from the equation. Life just got a lot harder, didn’t it? After all, Marvel will soon account for every bit of pop culture entertainment consumed. How do you even rebel against such dominance?

We will find a way, I am sure.

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First and foremost, let’s talk boxed sets. They’re sleek, they’re sexy as hell and they look damn fine up on your mantle or shelf. Plus, when the series is complete, you can feel free to buy them without fear that they’re going to add something else (how silly do you feel buying that Harry Potter four motion picture set?). Amazon has some great deals on various boxed sets, and chances are, you might even be able to get them delivered by Christmas!

Speaking of Harry Potter, you can pick up the whole 8 film set on Blu-ray for $54.99. Or how about the four movie (wait, they made a fourth movie?) set of Indiana Jones films for only $35.00? I don’t know how much of deal that is considering they’re making you pay for four movies, when very clearly only three exist.

Hold off on buying the Lord of the Rings on blu-ray, you’re going to want to pick up the inevitable complete Middle Earth collection with all six films. However, you should absolutely pick up the Breaking Bad 16 disc collector’s BARREL. Yes, it will cost $150 (a 50% discount) for the Blu-Ray version but this is one of the best television series in the last decade. Unless they’re going to add Better Call Saul’s two seasons (calling it now), this is the definitive, must have version of the great Greek tragedy of our time. However, if you want a dose of science fiction with your television, the Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray set is on sale for $140.

No holiday shopping trip for the film and tv fan in your life would be complete without a stop over to Thinkgeek. Is your girlfriend into Doctor Who? Trick question, of course she is. Why else would she make you wear that goofy hat? So get her a screwdriver. Get her a whole bunch of screwdrivers! It’s not like she needs any more deus ex machina devices to get out of a tricky situation (her big eyes do it just fine) but it can never hurt to have one or two (or three) in the back-pocket. Just in time for the Christmas episode.

Meanwhile, over on etsy, they’re doing some amazing crafts for the Star Wars fan in your life. Because you shouldn’t get them the box set of all six movies; instead, get the geeky couple in your life a set of ‘I Love You / I Know’ pillows (or matching rings). Or how about these incredible minimalist travel posters? Or these posters? Or those ones? You’d been meaning to put something up on your bare walls for a while now, make it awesome and get some more Star Wars in your life.

If you’re looking for trinkets and characters, but with a twist, you should check out Metal Park. They’re scrap metal artists who take discard steel and turn it into your favorite characters. You can pick up any number of Star Wars figures, Pixar creations, Aliens, Predators, vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Sure, you can’t get it delivered by Christmas (all are handmade and on backorder currently) but if you live in New York City, you can check out their holiday market at Bryant Park until January.

The internet belongs to the film and tv nerds. Ask and ye shall receive. My small list is but a drop within a drop of the great ocean of the sheer amount of creative and amazing work you can find online this holiday season. Go forth, and celebrate!

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