RPG System 'Morningstar' Kickstarter Needs Help: New Technology Aims To Modernize Tabletop Gaming With Cloud Based Content Management Software

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 24, 2014 08:38 AM EST

Those who are looking to give back to the community this Christmas time, your search is over. An expansive, very modern role playing system, Codename: Morningstar needs your help on Kickstarter.

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Morningstar is a 21st century solution to a 20th century problem. Whenever you play a Dungeons & Dragons campaign or other RPG adventure, with some exceptions, a lot of your playtime is involved with nit-picking and the double checking of rules. What Morningstar hopes to accomplish in their campaign is create an all in one cloud based system that is accessible and searchable by anyone. These aren’t just digital versions of the rule books, they are their own online database featuring everything you need - monsters, character sheets, maps, etc.

“Role playing. Not rule playing.” is the official motto. The game runs off the Open Gaming License, utilizing the Pathfinder Reference Document rules-set (among one of the most intuitive and streamlined RPGs).

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When funded, the system will allow dungeon masters and players to interact in a seamless, up-to-date way. DMs will be able to share secrets with certain players, reveal maps, track encounters, loot and will no longer have to devote valuable time to rules errata. Players can add their notes to a shareable logbook amongst their group, customize their character sheet and even roll dice. All you will need to play Morningstar is a phone, tablet or computer; it will handle the rest.

It's not a video game, it's a supplemental component. As if you had an extra person present solely to keep a record of everything, freeing the rest of you up to play.

The game will also feature a robust on-line community of player made modules that can be not only be purchased, but the folks over at Trapdoor will pay you for qualified adventures. So that epic campaign you’ve been running for years? Now other people around the world can experience it, as well.

Things are looking grim for Morningstar and its creator, Trapdoor Technologies. They are 11 days out from completion of their Kickstarter campaign and have a long way to go to reach their goal. This isn’t a simple board game with a mere $20 grand buy in, this is complicated and next-gen technology.

Every little bit helps. Wish them a merry Christmas and donate, this is an experience - a system - that deserves to be in our world.

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