WarSting: A DIY Hobbit Sting Sword Replica That Glows Blue When Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks Are Near

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 24, 2014 11:27 AM EST

With all the dismay and disappointment over the final Hobbit movie, there is one thing we can all agree on: the swords are awesome. And no sword is more iconic or legendary than Sting, Bilbo Baggin’s Elvish blade that he is given in the first movie.

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However, in terms of modern day convenience, Sting is anything but. For one thing, carrying swords probably violates a few state and local ordinances, and its main power: glowing blue when Orcs are nearby, is pointless. We killed off the Orcs long ago. So, with the help of the internet, one intrepid craftsman has given us the knowhow to create a Sting with a much more useful function: detecting unsecured WiFi spots.

Introducing WarSting. The sword glows blue when unsecured networks are near, and can even interact with them. After you’ve found an open WiFi area, you can then “battle” it, which will prompt a message to appear on the network citing, ‘{YOUR WI-FI NETWORK} has been vanquished! The best part, you can do it yourself!

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WarSting requires two parts, a plastic Sting replica (sorry, the genuine article simply will not do) and a Spark Core development kit, which can interact with a host of WiFi features. It’s all very technical, but this site explains it in layman’s terms, complete with pictures. Find the instructions HERE.

“There’s some simple disassembling, soldering, programming, and reassembling required to make WarSting work, but then when your sword turns blue, vanquish away!”

After all, creating something yourself is infinitely more satisfying than just buying it on etsy.

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