Game Theory Says YouTube Is Broken: New Video Featuring PewDiePie Shows That Subscriptions Don't Work

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 24, 2014 04:00 PM EST

YouTube is broken. It's true- it was said on the internet- but more importantly than that YouTube's reigning King, PewDiePie, has admitted it in his own video as well. Game Theory recently shared a video that explained why they're saying this, and why this is a real problem.

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In the video, which does feature some PewDiePie, the inner workings of YouTube are discussed. They're not really much different than any social media site that you may be a member of. Basically the site only shows you what it thinks you would be interested in, basing this on how many clicks you give a given subject.

If you don't interact with a person (or YouTube channel) then the system assumes you're just not that into them, even if you're subscribed! Over time, it shows less and less of that content until finally, you don't see it at all.

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As the video points out, this is a problem for creators. It doesn't really hurt anyone if you stop seeing Aunt Millie's post about her geriatric pug but if you stop viewing a channel's all pug all the time programming, then it kills the numbers and though they may have a huge amount of subscribers, their views will end up in the tank.

The video goes into depth with how this works and why it ultimately does not work for people who make their living on the platform. If you're interested in how systems feed you delicious, delicious content, check out the video below.

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