PSN Still Offline Following Alleged Christmas Day Attack, Xbox Live Now Seemingly Back On Its Feet

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 26, 2014 12:48 PM EST

Both Xbox Live and PSN were down on Christmas day, preventing many new console and game owners from enjoying their holiday gifts. The issues have unfortunately continued into today, though Xbox Live seems to be getting back on its feet first.

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The crashes were originally thought to have been caused by increased Christmas server traffic, but the prevailing story is that a group calling itself Lizard Squad is responsible for intentionally taking them offline.

Whatever the cause, gamers around the world will be understandably frustrated at the outage. Xbox Live appears to be working again this morning, having regained limited functionality last night. PSN is not faring as well: the status page currently says the service is offline. PlayStation tweeted that its engineers are still working on the issues, and seek to return service as soon as possible. A notice earlier today said PSN is down for "maintenance".

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Xbox Live was half-functioning, but everything seems back to normal now. Keep an eye opened for any status updates about PSN, which will hopefully be fixed within the next few hours. It's pretty concerning if malcontents were able to again cripple these services with DDoS (denial of service, essentially bombarding the servers with traffic) relatively easily. These are large companies, and users pay quite a bit of money each year for subscriptions. With more and more games relying on internet connectivity to function, Sony and Microsoft must find a way to better ensure stability for their networks.

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