PewDiePie Views Drop: DC Toys Collector Beats YouTube King Numbers [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 31, 2014 02:15 PM EST

PewDiePie is the King of YouTube, or at least he was. It looks like one of his contenders has managed to overtake him in numbers. DC Toys Collector topped the internet sensation for most views in November. Could this be the end of an era for everyone's favorite bro?

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PewDiePie still has the most popular channel as far as subscribers go. However, when it comes to views, it seems that a woman taking toys out of their packaging is far more interesting to the average YouTube viewer than gaming with your bros.

DC Toy Collector took the top spot for the last month according to Tubefilter. It had upwards of 60 million more views than PewDiePie did. Not bad for someone who only shows their hands.

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DC Toy Collector shows videos of themselves unboxing toys. Just toys.

The target group for these videos are other toy enthusiasts and children. The videos include a plethora of name brand toys raging form dolls to Play-Doh.

Unboxing videos can be found for a variety of products on YouTube but who would have guessed that you'd find a treasure trove of fame from taking out and showing off items you can find in Toys-R-Us?

PewDiePie still has the most subscribers for any YouTube channel and will likely still top the charts when end of the year numbers are calculated but the rise of DC Toys Collector could signal an end to the YouTuber's reign at the top.

Check out what the new kid is like below.

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