World Of Warcraft Mahjong Set And Diablo Themed Chess Game Are Already Your 2015 Christmas Wish List Items

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 01, 2015 09:49 AM EST

Mahjong may be one of the most popular games you aren’t playing. The tile game has little market outside of Asia, but inside it is the pastime of several nations. If you have ever been interested in the game, beyond the poor Western match titles that are called Mahjong, might a new Warcraft themed set pique your interest?

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Because that is precisely what you can get. Found over at the Netease site (with thanks to Kotaku), the Chinese company is selling a complete Mahjong set that is inspired by World of Warcraft. The company released a similar version last year to commemorate the release of Mists of Pandaria, WoW’s fourth expansion.

The limited set will ship in February and will retail for about $208 dollars, American. You get the full set; placemat, dice, chips and even Alliance and Horde themed dice. One would imagine that shipping and handling fees for North American orders would be mighty difficult. In fact, they are only shipping within China, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making a new friend in the country.

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Even non-players of the game have to recognize the craft involved. It looks far classier than that beat-up Monopoly set you have festering in the corner.

If Mahjong is not your game, and chances are it is not, there is also a Diablo themed chess set available. For the low, low price of $322 (American), you recreate the epic battle between angels and demons on the greatest battlefield known to man: the chess board. Starring your favorite sephardic heroes and villains, like Tyrael and the titular demon himself (I assume as Queen. King? Could go either way.)

The chess sets have been around for a while, but we like giving you choices on things to buy. So head over and check em out. It’s 2015, try something new.

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