'Overwatch 2' Sombra, Bastion Rework Guide: What Changes Blizzard Made for Them

'Overwatch 2' Sombra, Bastion Rework Guide: What Changes Blizzard Made for Them

In preparation for Overwatch 2, Blizzard released their planned reworks for Sombra and Bastion. In the said reworks, the former will focus more on dealing damage while supporting her teamates, while the latter's Ultimate that lets him change into a tank will be changed into a stationary artillery.

by Staff Reporter


'Hearthstone: Battlegrounds' Patch Update Guide: New 'Avenge' Keyword, Heroes + Other Changes Players Could Expect

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds will receive its new patch update, which will bring in the "Avenge" keyword, a card ability that will trigger once a number of friendly minions were killed. Aside from the keyword, two new heroes and 32 new minions will be added, along with other in-game changes.

by Staff Reporter


WoW 'The Burning Crusade Classic' Guide: What Would Players Expect, Possible Release Date + Patch 9.1.5 Update for 'Shadowlands'

After a month of silence due to the controversy faced by Blizzard Activision, the development team of World of Warcraft released an update for the game's feature. This include a planned expansion for "The Burning Crusade" Classic, and the testing for the Patch 9.1.5 Update for "Shadowlands."

by Staff Reporter


Xbox is Giving Away 'Diablo III' for Free: How to Get Your Own Copy

Without any formal announcements in their Social Media Accounts and in their website, Microsoft released Blizzard's Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition for free for their Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subsribers.

by Staff Reporter

E3 Gaming Conference Begins In Los Angeles

'Overwatch': Team-Based FPS, Features, Gameplay & Platforms On PC, PS4, & Xbox One; Cross Play Development Coming Up

"Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter game that has become one of the widely accepted multiplayer shooters game online.

by Paige McClure

Overwatch - New Valentines Voice Lines, Hanzo and Oasis Interactions!

No 'Overwatch' Valentines Nor Easter Special Events, According To Developer

The "Year of the Rooster" limited event for "Overwatch" has less than a week left before it closes out.

by Michael Augustin

Buy Overwatch Lootboxes Using World of Warcraft GOLD! - PVP Live - Overwatch News

‘World Of Warcraft’ Tokens On Trade; Blizzard Allows Players To Convert Gold Into Overwatch, Hearthstone & Other Blizzard Items

Blizzard announces new upgrade for “Word of Warcraft” currency; Tokens can now be traded and echanged for other Blizzard exciting items

by Danny Smith

Heroes of the Storm Gets Amped Up

'Heroes Of The Storm' Welcomes Lucio From 'Overwatch'

Blizzard Entertainment's "Heroes of the Storm" has been constantly adding more characters from its popular games.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch DVA Glitch

New D.Va 'Overwatch' Bug Found In Latest Update

"Overwatch" has recently received the "Year of the Rooster" DLC update, which adds a lot of add on content for the team-based shooter.

by Michael Augustin


'Overwatch' Director Explains Capture The Flag Mode Delay

Players are currently enjoying the "Year of the Rooster" event for "Overwatch," which was just recently added as an update from Blizzard Entertainment.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch Funko Pop Showcase [Complete Set]

Funko Teases Second Wave Of 'Overwatch' Pop Figures

Game of the Year 2016 "Overwatch" continues to stay in the spotlight courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment's consistent updates and character DLCs.

by Michael Augustin

Diablo 4 Reveal at Blizzcon 2016? - The Know

‘Diablo 3’ Anniversary Patch Trailer Celebrates 20 Years Of Original ‘Diablo’; 16 New Levels Recreated Via New Dungeon

“Diablo 3” Anniversary Patch trailer commemorates the 20 years of the first “Diablo” by outlining the genius behind the huge update that is set to come in January. 16 news levels were said to be recreated through a new dungeon.

by Henry Abragan

Diablo 4 Reveal at Blizzcon 2016? - The Know

Blizzard Entertainment 2017: In-Game Items, Events, Brawl Maps, & Diablopalooza Party For ‘Diablo’ 20th Anniversary

Blizzard Entertainment is set to celebrate 20 years with Diablo-themed events this year. Multiple games are sporting events including Hearthstone and Diablo III.

by Henry Abragan


‘Overwatch’ updates: Blizzard Teases 2017 Plans, New Characters In Pipeline, Oasis Map For Full Release

Blizzard team to introduce more new in-game content for “Overwatch” in 2017.

by RG Ferrer

[NEW SEASONAL EVENT] Welcome to Overwatch's Winter Wonderland!

'Overwatch' Release Date, News & Update: Blizzard Gifts Gamers with Loot Boxes this Christmas; Game Tops Best-Selling List for PC

Blizzard's "Overwatch" tops the list best-selling PC games this year.

by Olivia Cavallaro

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