Lizard Squad Arrest: Second Suspect Brought In For Questioning In Connection To Christmas Attack [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 02, 2015 02:35 PM EST

Over Christmas, a group calling themselves the Lizard Squad pulled one of the biggest dick moves since before the Grinch's heart grew three sizes. A second suspect has been identified in connection to the DDoS attacks that brought down PSN and Live over the holidays.

Suspected Lizard Squad Member Arrested For Holiday Server Attacks

This time, a Finnish teenager identified only as "Ryan" by the authorities was detained in connection to the attack. There is a little bit of a conflicting report. The Washington Post reported that the boy was arrested while Finish media YLE claims that he was only brought in for questioning.

Either way, "Ryan" was picked up after appearing on TV where he admitted to being involved with the group, albeit in the role of a spokesperson, not an actual hacker.

Fredrik Neij, Former Pirate Bay Operator, Jailed for Hacking

Still, if you go on TV and say you know who did this illegal thing, you have to expect the authorities will want to speak with you.

Regardless of his statement, he's under suspicion for aggravated data crimes.

The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation is working with the FBI to try and find out who is at the root of the attack on Christmas. Because the crimes took place in Finland, the NBI has jurisdiction.

This is the second suspect to be identified in the attacks. The first was arrested in England. A man by the name of Vinnie Omari was taken into custody for the attacks on the gaming servers a well as PayPal Fraud. Real winner, that guy.

Both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live have made a recovery from the Christmas attacks. Watch the interview with Ryan below.

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