Thanos Collectible Figure First Look: Hot Toys Reveals Teaser Poster Of The Mad Titan

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 03, 2015 11:58 AM EST

The Mad Titan will be coming to your living rooms once again.

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Hot Toys, internet purveyors of the finest movie and film inspired collectible figurines, has released a teaser poster for their forthcoming Thanos figure. Yes, a teaser for a figure. We have reached some zenith - or nadir - of pop culture impatience.

The character designed is inspired by Thanos’ brief, and some might say unnecessary, appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Voiced by Josh Brolin, the big bad of the Marvel universe seemed…routine. That big goofy grin at the end of his spiel certainly did not inspire terror. However, he will be teased throughout the remainder of the MCU until the Infinity War, so we’ll get a chance to really know him and, hopefully, fear him.

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The Hot Toys collectible cuts down the all gold armor a bit (he seemed like some 70s era disco star in Guardians) and gives him the more traditional blue and gold color scheme. We hope the new figure also comes with a rotating throne and that Thanos himself is about twice as tall as any other figure Hot Toys has put out.

He will look mighty fine lording over your living room with that patient, amoral eye of a distant, angry god.

In the meantime, most of the Guardians of the Galaxy have been immortalized as collectible figures from Hot Toys. You can pick up or pre-order Gamora, Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Baby Groot or Rocket & Groot today through Sideshow Collectibles. Sadly, no Drax the Destroyer or Ronan the Accuser…yet. Would absolutely buy a Nebula figure, too, if ever offered.

No word on when the Titan will be coming, but it has to be soon.

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