Halo Championship Series UGC St. Louis Recap: Denial Surprising But Deserving Winners, CLG Shows Consistency [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 05, 2015 11:03 AM EST

The second LAN event in 343's Halo Championship Series took place this weekend at UGC St. Louis, with unlikely winners Denial bringing home first prize.

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Denial's roster of Mikwen, Chig, Ryanoob, and Cloud is certainly talented and filled with veteran pros, but few (if any) expected the squad to come away with the tournament win this weekend. The team walks away with the lion's share of the prize money--$11,000--as well as 4,000 HCS seeding points.

Denial rode the Winner's Bracket the entire way, only dropping a series to Counter Logic Gaming in the finals. Because CLG had already been kicked into the Loser's Bracket, however, winning the tournament required taking two consecutive series from Denial, and they were unable to finish them off a second time. CLG (Ogre 2, Heinz, Snakebite, Royal 2) were the winners of HCS' first LAN tournament, and have shown off their consistency and talent once again by finishing runners up. They walk away with $4,750 and 2,500 HCS points, maintaining their first overall seed.

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Denial played very well throughout, and certainly deserved their unexpected win. It was the first tournament victory for Mikwen, a long-time dedicated player and streamer, even through Halo's recent lean years. It was Ryanoob, however, who took home the tournament MVP award. Rounding out the top four were Evil Geniuses (last event's runners up, who were forced to replace Pistola due to injury) in third, and Optic Gaming in fourth. Congratulations to all the competitors, and we'll see you online for the next HCS Cup event--below is an archived broadcast of UGC St. Louis' final rounds.

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