HP Virtual Display Uses Head Tracking And 3D Glasses To Create Blended Reality, Allows Users To Manipulate Digital Objects

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 05, 2015 02:57 PM EST

Virtual reality was always going to be a hot topic at this year's CES, but HP has provided an unexpected twist on the technology with what it's calling a "blended reality" display.

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As covered by CNET, HP's new Zvr platform combines 3D tracking technology with a cutting-edge display to provide a way to physically interact with digital objects. Using 3D glasses and cameras that follow your movements, users can hold a stylus implement to control objects on the display.

The video below shows off the monitor in action--a large, 24-inch product. The glasses are not a full, vision-blocking headset like other virtual reality devices, just passive 3D lenses on a small frame. The display shows a stereoscopic image (it will look blurry and out of focus to those not wearing glasses, like a 3D film) at 1920x1080. The cameras along the top of the display track the white markers on the 3D glasses, meaning you can move and turn your head to see different angles in the digital 3D space.

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Check out the footage from CNET's hands-on for an easy understanding of how this works. This technology could easily have applications in the digital art and game development space, as well as a plethora of educational or instructional software.

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