Nyko CES 2015 Lineup Includes Storage-Expanding Data Bank And Type Pad For PS4, Charge Dock Mini For Xbox One

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 07, 2015 10:37 AM EST

Nyko has debuted their latest accessories for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at CES 2015, and the most exciting reveal is clearly the Data Bank for the PS4, which lets you use standard 3.5" hard drives to boost your hard drive storage. 

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It's telling that people are already scrambling for this. Launching the next-gen consoles with a mere 500 gigs in a world where games can take up 40-50 gigs (even when playing from a disc!) was a terribly cheap idea from Sony and Microsoft. It's so paltry that you'll find yourself constantly managing your memory, deleting games from your hard drive that you otherwise wouldn't have every time you go to play a new game.

The Data Bank replaces the top of the PS4 and its 2.5" hard drive and allows compatibility with standard 3.5" drives. Sure, you can purchase a 2.5" drive and jump through hoops to get it working with your system, but 3.5" ones are many times cheaper and offer larger storage capacities. Imagine sticking a 6TB gig in that thing and being set for the console's lifespan!

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It's apparently really easy to install, and goes in with just one screw with an included screwdriver. The one immediate drawback seems to be that your friends might think that you're playing a Nyko system (does the logo have to be that obvious?) but that's an easy pill to swallow for increased storage space. The Data Bank is expected to ship early this year.

Nyko also revealed the Type Pad for PS4, which is a full QWERTY keyboard that snaps into the bottom of a Dualshock 4 and lets you chat, surf the web, or whatever you use keyboards for. It also includes a little analog nub for menu navigation on the top right side. It runs off the controller's battery and switched off to conserve the charge when not in use.

The Xbox One is getting a couple of new accessories as well, but nothing quite so exciting. First in line is the Light Grip for the Xbox One Wireless Controller, which is a comfortable skin that snaps on your controller and offers LED lights that can be customized from a variety of preset color and light patterns.

There's also Charge Dock Mini for Xbox One. We actually have a review in the works of Nyko's current Power Station, which offers the same but also extends the size of the console. As you can tell from the name the Mini this one will take up much less space and actually provides a USB pass through for other devices, something the Power Station doesn't.

All of these accessories will ship in early 2015- check here soon for reviews of their current lineup as Nyko prepares their next.

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