Nyko's CES Lineup Includes Potentially Game-Changing Data Bank For PS4

Nyko's CES Lineup Includes Potentially Game-Changing Data Bank For PS4

Nyko has debuted their latest accessories for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at CES 2015, and the most exciting reveal is clearly the Data Bank for the PS4, which lets you use standard 3.5" hard drives to boost your hard drive storage.

by Alex Riviello


CES 2015 Lenovo Lineup Announced: Products Including P90 Smartphone, Convertible Yoga 3 Laptops, And More

The CES 2015 announcements are just beginning to pour in, and new technology and electronics are being unveiled all day. Lenovo has introduced its own new line of products including smartphones and tablets.

by Matthew Buzzi


Samsung CES 2015 Keynote Livestream: Watch The Korean Giant Unveil Tech Live From Las Vegas

amsung is set to host its own CES 2015 keynote speech this afternoon, and you can watch it here once the video goes live.

by Matthew Buzzi


LG Reveals Curved G Flex 2 Smartphone, Now Faster And More Durable Than Before

LG has unveiled the G Flex 2 at CES 2015, a new iteration of its first curved smartphone.

by Matthew Buzzi


HP Virtual Display Uses Head Tracking And 3D Glasses To Create Blended Reality, Allows Users To Manipulate Digital Objects

Virtual reality was always going to be a hot topic at this year's CES, but HP has provided an unexpected twist on the technology with what it's calling a "blended reality" display.

by Matthew Buzzi

TV Displays

CES 2015 Preview: What To Expect From This Year's Show, Including Self-Driving Cars And Bigger, Better Displays

CES 2015 is here, kicking off the year in technology with a veritable buffet of new gadgets, concepts, and products from the biggest tech companies from around the globe. Some reveals have already begun, but the event will kick off in earnest today. What can you expect to see from Las Vegas this year? We've got you covered.

by Matthew Buzzi

Sony's Single-Lens Display Module

Sony Will Be Unveiling Its Google Glass Competitor At CES 2015 Next Month

It turns out Sony has more planned for CES 2015 than just a new smartphone. Sony announced today that the Las Vegas show will see the first public reveal of Sony's new bit of gear that plans to turn any pair of glasses into a smart device.

by Connor Sears

Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2015 Preview: Get Ready For A Collection Of New Smartphones To Roll Out In January

Not everyone is expected to announce something big at CES 2015, but here are a few companies you can expect to reveal something when January rolls around.

by Connor Sears

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