Broken Age Retail Release Arriving This Spring For PC, Mac And Linux, Will Protect From EMP Bombs

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 07, 2015 01:14 PM EST

Double Fine's Broken Age, the first adventure game from legendary producer Tim Schafer in sixteen years, is widely available for digital download across several platforms. Today it was announced that a physical edition will also be available.

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Nordic Games announced a partnership with Double Fine to bring the 2014 Game of the Year contender to retail outlets this spring for PC, Mac and Linux.

The official press release is quite amusing, exactly what you'd expect from a trickster like Schafer. "After releasing Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking for retail in 2014, this marks another important step in our almost heist-free cooperation" said Reinhard Pollice  (side note: best name ever), business & product development director at Nordic Games. "With Broken Age, 2015 starts off great for aficionados of the adventure game genre. Our intel also suggests that Germany is a veritable stronghold when it comes to pointing and clicking, hence the new German voice-overs for Broken Age make us very happy."

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"I am very excited about the retail version of Broken Age," said Double Fine President and CEO Tim Schafer, "And also relieved, as having a widely distributed, physical copy of the game will make it more safe from solar flares and EMP bombs and stuff like that. As long as people store their disks in fire proof safes. People do that, right?"

No word on whether the retail edition will come with anything extra, or simply just the game disc. The first 'Act' of the game was released last January onto several platforms last January, including Ios and Android devices. Act 2 is scheduled for release this spring, and given that Double Fine's COO added, "people who purchase the physical copy can get to playing the exciting conclusion without having to wait for the game to download!" you can expect to receive the whole experience when Act 2 drops.

As described perfectly in the press release, "Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons."

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