The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: What Would Happen To Glen If He Lost Maggie?

By Donyae , Updated Jan 12, 2015 04:21 PM EST

The second half of season for The Walking Dead has already been confirmed to take the characters into new emotional places, not all of which are good. Steven Yeun has spoken up on what his character Glen is going to go through.

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In an interview with Walker Stalkers, Yeun confirms that yes, even happy spot of sunshine Glen will be headed into some dark times with the coming season. Yeun hinted that the character would buckle under the pressure of living in the zombie apocalypse and likely, watching all of your friends die.

The question of what Glen is going to be doing is not one that has been brought up much in conversations about The Walking Dead's upcoming half season. Just like everyone else though, he's just as likely to see some changes as things have gotten harder for the group.

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He was asked what he thought Glen would do if something were to happen to Maggie. "He would probably go to a really bad place," was Yeun's response. He also added that he didn't even want to think about the possibility.

However, there is a chance that the coming season will see Maggie in her own dark place. After all, in the comic, Maggie did attempt suicide. Yeun's comments could indicate that this is not the direction the series will take, instead bypassing that story all together.

But the cast of The Walking Dead has a history of being elusive when it comes to the details of the coming episodes. Check out the video of the interview below.

The Walking Dead returns February 8 on AMC.

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