The Walking Dead Season Five Spoilers: Where Is Carl Grimes? Disappearance From Teaser Trailer Explained [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 14, 2015 04:26 PM EST

AMC released a new trailer for The Walking Dead for the second half of season 5 of the hit show. The trailer was titled "Surviving Together", yet had some noticeable faces missing from the lineup, leading fans to worry about the living condition of their owners. One of them has explained his absence.

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Carl, played by Chandler Riggs was one of the faces missing from the trailer. The son of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was strangely absent from the trailer that featured many of the major players. Also absent were Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Noah (Tyler James Williams), and wee baby Judith.

Carl however, had an alibi. According to, it was all just a scheduling conflict on his part. Riggs had a prior engagement and missed the filming. So don't count him in as DOA just yet.

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Even though Carl had good reason not to show up, that doesn't explain why the others were not featured in the trailer, namely Judith as she's an infant and would need to be carried. Why is no one carrying the baby?

The excuse that having an infant in a violent minute of action could be used, but the same baby shows up in a television show where the undead walk the earth and desperate people murder and sometimes eat other so, it doesn't really hold water.

Noah has already been rumored to meet his end this season so his missing from the trailer could be a subtle hint that his days are truly numbered in the series. However, there's no such rumor regarding Father Gabriel.

They could have all had scheduling issues as well but their missing from the trailer could also be a sign that the second half of season five will not be kind to them.

The Walking Dead returns on February 8. Watch the trailer below.

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