Nosgoth Open Beta Launches On PC: New Trailer Released For Multiplayer Legacy Of Kain Spinoff

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 21, 2015 02:04 PM EST

The Nosgoth beta has officially gone live for all the world to sink its fangs into.

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The competitive asymmetrical (my how we love that word) multiplayer game is open to all players who wish to roll around in the first entry in the venerable Legacy of Kain series in over a decade.

Now, players will require both a Square Enix and Steam account - that can be quickly linked - in order to play the F2P title. Fairly easy, we hope, even if it is a needless step in the further Balkanization of accounts and lost passwords. But when you do, you can immediately start playing and even earn double XP during the first week of events.

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To mark the occasion, developer Psyonix has released a new launch trailer which features real players engaged in deathly gothic combat. Their actions were recorded utilizing the in-game camera (NosCam) and is pretty exciting and hopefully indicative of what lies in store for players.

"We are incredibly passionate about the Nosgoth community and we wanted to highlight this in our Open Beta launch trailer which was made in conjunction with actual players" said Corey Davis, Game Director. "The community is at the core of the game and it is humbling to have such a vibrant and supportive fan-base and put these players' front and center of our campaign."

Psyonix has its eye on the horizon, and will release a steady stream of content in the weeks and months to follow, including: The Summoner - a new Vampire class who call on the powers of the Underworld to command ravenous ghouls. New Human Class (details coming soon) New city map (Vampire-based, details coming soon), as well as new modes, skins, a shiny league rankings tool and some crafting abilities. Plus, soon players will be able to ghost around maps and simply observe the action.

Watch the trailer below, and head over to the official Nosgoth Steam page to get in on the action right now.

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