Battlefield Hardline Beta's Heist Mode Can Be Unlocked By Playing A Lot Of Battlefield 4 This Week

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 21, 2015 11:35 AM EST

Want more to do in the upcoming Battlefield Hardline beta? All it will take is playing a lot of Battlefield 4.

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If Battlefield 4 players can earn 2 billion points in Rush Mode as a community by the end of Saturday, January 24, the developers will unlock Battlefield Hardline's Heist Mode in the beta.

There are no set dates for the beta still, though we do know the game itself will launch on March 17. This promotion is the first in a line of regular Hardline-themed bonuses for the community, according to the blog post. This will include more weekly missions, gold battlepacks, Hardline dog tags, wallpapers, and more. If you'd like to unlock this week's bonus (a pretty good one--full game mode!) for Battlefield Hardline's upcoming beta, you'd better get cracking on that 2 billion community points goal.

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Battlefield Hardline already ran one beta last summer, before the game's eventual delay. The title twists the usual army-style Battlefield gameplay, instead offering a cops vs robbers experience. This allows for new modes such as heist attempts, in which the bad guys must complete a series of objectives to pull off the theft. The game has fallen under some (unfortunately timed) criticism for reflecting--and even glorifying--real-world issues of police violence.

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