PewDiePie News: New Report Reveals How YouTube Sensation Earned $4 Million Last Year

By Donyae , Updated Jan 23, 2015 11:42 AM EST

PewDiePie has emerged as King of YouTube again this year. He has far more subscribers than any other channel, as well as more overall views, which lead to more earnings for the Internet superstar. How he made those massive earnings is no longer a mystery.

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PewDiePie earned over £2.6 million from his YouTube channel in the past year. That's a lot of cash per video. It makes sense that he would be on the top, as he had 4.1 billion hits altogether for the year.

Usually when famous people make money, it's through endorsements and direct pay. PewDiePie made his money through advertisements, according to the Daily Mail

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This isn't necessarily unusual as most people on the internet do make their money from advertisements, it's just the massive amounts of money a single person has earned in this case. PewDiePie isn't a brand. He's one guy with a video setup in his living room. He's the person that all aspiring YouTube video makers want to be.

Because his overhead is low, his profit margin is insane. 97% of what he made was straight profit, much higher than conventional business.

Considering he was going to go into business and declined to stay home and make videos of himself playing video games, I say it's worked out really well for him.

The lesson here, follow your dreams and you too can become a 22 year old millionaire with a hot wife who gets to stay home playing video games with your bros all day.

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