House Of Cards Season 3 Spoilers: Did Kevin Spacey Reveal The Truth About Frank Underwood?

By Donyae , Updated Jan 26, 2015 12:49 PM EST

House of Cards is returning to Netflix next month under much speculation. Frank Underwood has reached the height of his power and this could mean drastic changes to the show itself. What better person to find out the truth from than Frank Underwood himself, or more accurately, Kevin Spacey?

Frank Underwood's Real Threats May Be Closer To Home Than He Realizes

The National caught up with Spacey on the red carpet and took the chance to ask the star some questions about the upcoming season.

Spacey, as it turns out, is a master at keeping his lips sealed from dropping juicy hints. Even so, he did allude to one of the biggest mysteries of the coming season, does Frank Underwood die at the end?

The Russian Threat Is Revised In New Season Of House Of Cards

Although Spacey did not say anything directly, when asked how long he's signed up for he gave a rather cryptic answer.

"As long as they want to keep doing it and I'm having great a time doing it. We'll just continue to tell the story as long as we feel there's a story worth telling," Spacey replied.

At first glance this seems to say that there will be more seasons however, the fact that it's so cryptic alludes that it may be a hint that this will the last season of the show. Stars aren't usually so secretive about how long they've signed on for something.

Unless admitting that you're on your last season would reveal that the main character won't be making it out alive. That would be a good reason to be a little less than obvious. Considering that the original House of Cards wrapped up with the main character's death, it wouldn't be much of a surprise for this season to follow the same trajectory.

House of Cards returns to Netflix on February 27.

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