Attack On Titan News: Popular Anime Cut From Toonami Schedule Starting In February

By Donyae , Updated Jan 28, 2015 12:44 PM EST

Bad news for Attack on Titan fans who get their anime fix from Toonami. The Cartoon Network anime block will be removing from its Saturday night lineup.

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The reason for the cut is twofold. The long running anime block is being pared down in hours. Where it used to run from midnight to 5:30 AM, now it will only go until 3:30 AM posted the channel's Tumblr. That's two full hours of programming that have to be cut to meet the new time constraints.

The second reason this is happening is because unfortunately, Attack on Titan has had some dragging ratings. This was a decision made by Adult Swim programming and the popular show is not alone in getting the ax.

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Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Space Dandy are also getting cut. Toonami has said that they will be bringing on new shows to replace the ones that are being discontinued during the 2015 year.

Although, to be fair, Cowboy Bebop has been playing on the channel for over a decade. It was probably time to let that one go.

Most serious fans of anime probably won't be affected much by this as they get their programming through other means. To the casual watcher and those who just aren't able to invest in a subscription to any other outlet this is a sad day.

Or more accurately, February 7 will be a sad day. That is when the new programming schedule takes effect

Fans who aren't all caught up on Attack on Titan will have to turn to Netflix or Crunchyroll to get their fix.

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