Orange Is The New Black Season 3 News And Rumors: What We Know So Far

By Donyae , Updated Jan 29, 2015 07:48 PM EST

There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding what the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black will be like on its return. We've rounded up some of the juiciest rumors for season three of the series.

Vee May Not Be Dead After All In Orange Is The New Black, Death May Be A Cover-up

1. Alex and Piper have a new love interest

After two seasons of being enemies, lovers, and then enemies again, this torrid love affair might finally be reaching a close as new inmate Stella Carlin enters the picture. Model Ruby Rose will be coming to the show to add tension between the two long time lovers.

Taystee May Have To Find Her Own Way In Orange Is The New Black

2. Poussey will be a main character, Taystee might be alone

Last season saw a huge wedge driven between Taystee and longtime friend Poussey. This coming season has Poussey taking more of a main role but Taystee is not. This could be a sign that the duo are splitting up which would be no surprise given Taystee's horrible treatment of her friend over last season.

3. Daya and Bennet will have Grandmama drama.

Daya pinned her pregnancy on Pornstashe and although he's gone from the show, his mother will be coming to the prison. This could cause a lot of trouble for the two parents. With the baby on its way, there's a chance that it could end up in the hands of Pornstashe after all.

4. More Big Boo!

After two whole seasons we may be finding out how the outspoken prisoner ended up behind bars. Her story may play into what is coming up for the inmates.

5. More blood shed

For a prison show, Orange is pretty tame. There has been very limited violence but according to one actress, this will not be the case for the next season. Expect more violent episodes. With all the changeups in guards, maybe the new crew just doesn't know to keep the order as well.

6. Fig is coming back

The ex-assistant to the warden was without a doubt fired for her embezzling. That should have been the end of her but it seems she's coming back next season. The question is, will she be a prisoner or just another throne in the side of the ladies from outside of the gates?

Orange is the New Black returns in the summer to Netflix.

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