The Walking Dead Season Five Spoilers: Massive Character Changes In Store For Back Half Of Season [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 03, 2015 02:13 PM EST

The world of The Walking Dead is brutal and causes changes in everyone. In a recent Times Talk, the cast talks about what is coming on the second half of the fifth season for key characters.

New Location On The Walking Dead Hints At Plot For Coming Half Season

One of the people that has been severely changed by the new world is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

"In the back 8, something happens that challenges everything Rick has come to accept and believe. The thing that struck me about the tone of the comic book and which we're trying to do here, is you're following this guy who is the epitome of law and order, and you're on his side. The thing about Rick that I love is the certainty to him, which people follow. It's one of his strengths, but also one of his weaknesses," Lincoln said.

Episode Synopsis Reveals The Future Of The Group In The Walking Dead

We have shared that Rick will see some massive changes in the coming season. These changes have will make him a more brutal character but it also seems that he will keep a lot of what makes him an upstanding human being.

More than anything it seems that perhaps the definition of what an "upstanding human being" is has changed.

Another character that will see some change is Glen played by Steven Yuen. He started the series off as a sort of comic relief but he will be far from that in the second half of the coming season.

"Steven's work in the back 8 has been magnificent. I really think he's the hero of this back 8," Lincoln said.

This could be a hint at the coming trouble with Maggie. If she falls into a dark place, he may need to really step up to pull her out.

The Walking Dead returns February 8 to AMC. Watch the Times Talk below.

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