Star Wars Imperial Assault Ally And Villain Expansion Preview: Han Solo And IG 88 Enter The Battle In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 04, 2015 02:51 PM EST

Fantasy Flight Games, purveyors of the finest analog timesinks posing as boardgames known to mankind, have released a new preview for two upcoming figures for the tactical strategy game Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

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The new figures are part of the Ally and Villains pack (which really should be called the Ally and Villainy packs, if you think about it) and include the galaxy's most famous smuggler-with-a-heart-of-gold Han Solo and the bounty hunter, IG 88. The robotic assassin droid was featured briefly in The Empire Strikes Back onboard the Star Destroyer.

He was later seen attempting to jumpstart the droid uprising via the second Death Star in the excellent 'Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG 88' from the Tales of the Bounty Hunters novel from the now non-can Expanded Universe.

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Both characters bring two new skirmish missions apiece to the game. Solo can risk it all on the Sabacc (space poker) table in Sabacc Standoff, or hold down control of a cantina against his enemies in Local Trouble. IG 88's new skirmish missions, on the other hand, are very pro-robot. anti-biological in nature. Mind Of Its Own allows you to command various control terminals throughout a junkyard, while Most Dangerous Game "invites both players to hunt down their opponents' figures with designated bounty hunters."

In addition, the Han Solo Ally Packs offer new the Reward card: Quickdraw Holster for the heroes, allowing you to shoot first. WHICH HAN TOTALLY DID AND I'LL NEVER BELIEVE YOU, GEORGE! While the IG 88 giveS the Imperial player new the Droid Uprising Agenda set to draw on.

Each also brings new Command cards to that galaxy far, far away. Read up on the full list of abilities here and be sure to check your local retailer for pre-orders.

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