House Of Cards Season 3 News And Spoilers: Claire Could Be The Target For Next Season

By Donyae , Updated Feb 04, 2015 04:08 PM EST

House of Cards is returning for its third season in a few weeks. We've already revealed some details about what is coming in the season. An overlooked trailer may reveal that more than just Frank Underwood's life is on the line.

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The trailer is just one of the teasers put out prior to the full trailer for the season. In the mini trailer we see an old watch while Frank narrates. He first reminds us all that he had a hand in killing Russo (poor Russo, so many missteps there).

"Time would have killed Russo if I hadn't. Just as it will kill me someday. Kill us all," Frank says in the trailer.

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We've been really focused on the idea that this might be Frank's last go around this season which he seems pretty resigned to for the most part. However, that last line, "Kill us all," is a bit suspicious.

Frank isn't known for his care of other players in the political game. They're all just pawns to his king.

There is a chance that his wife, the only person he does legitimately care about, may be meeting her end this season. That last little bit of line seems to allude more strongly to the death of another character aside from Frank in the series.

From what we know, Claire will begin to see some backlash from Frank's actions in the coming season. This could lead to her becoming a target, a target that Frank's enemies manage to hit.

House of Cards returns February 27.


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