American Horror Story Season 5 News: Will The Next Season Have A Main Character?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 09, 2015 02:44 PM EST

With Jessica Lange (probably) gone from the cast of American Horror Story that leaves a huge gap in the lineup for "main character" to be filled. The next season might not have one at all however.

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There are rumors that point to a possibility of Kathy Bates stepping forward or even a brand new character altogether. However, producers have come forward that the new season would be very different from the last.

One of the changes that we may see is more of a lack of a main character. The past two seasons have really pushed towards a central storyline for the show. Producers have been hinting that they'll be returning to a more anthology like presentation as we saw in the first season.

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This would mean that there would in a way be no main character. There would only be focus given to certain players within their story arc.

This seems far more likely than repeating the mistakes of last season where we watched a show titled Freak Show only to focus on whether or not Elsa Mars was going to make it to Hollywood. No more of that please.

Lack of a main character would allow the creators to explore many different stories and bring back that horror story vibe that has been slowly lost over the last few seasons. Without a centralized main character it's much easier to tell many stories at once because you're not obligated to spend tons of screen time on one.

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