International Toy Fair 2015 News: Updated Version Of 'Catan' Demoed At Mayfair Booth This Weekend

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 11, 2015 03:01 PM EST

Settlers of Catan, the strategy game that led the German board game revolution that got every last one of us hating wheat, turns 20 this year. To celebrate, publishers Kosmos and Mayfair Games will be showing off the updated 5th edition at this weekend's 112th International Toyfair in New York City.

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The new edition changes very little of the core gameplay we've come to know and enjoy throughout the years. However, "some areas of confusion and rare "corner cases" in the rules are being better explained to ease any game night consternation that might arise from a misreading of the rules."

The 5th edition will also be fully backwards compatible to the previous 4th edition and will feature a more cohesive art style throughout all 4th and 5th edition expansions.

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Announced last month, Mayfair Games also stated that the game will now simply be called Catan. Because we all call it that anyways. Sure, you can ask 'Want to play Settlers?' but it just works better with 'want to play Catan?'. The cover art has been revamped to reflect this change.

Given that Catan is so much more than the base game, the change makes sense. The series has grown to include Starfarers of Catan, Star Trek Catan, Frenemies of Catan and the ever popular 'Catan Geographies: North Rhine-Westphalia'. The less words needed, the better.

Catan's creator, Klaus Teuber, said that "By means of this change, we will continue to grow global demand and modernize the Catan family of games."

Industry professionals can check out the new Catan and many of the other Mayfair titles at Booth 6205 at the Jacob K. Javits Center this Saturday, February 14 through Tuesday, February 17.

Now, does anyone have any wheat? Seriously! Need some wheat here.

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