Halloween Horror Movie Franchise To Be 'Recalibrated' With Saw Writers?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 11, 2015 08:36 PM EST

A new Halloween is in the works. After languishing in developmental hell the next installment in the franchise may actually see the light of day. New writers have been assigned to the next movie.

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Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been attached to the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Both men formerly worked on a few of the Saw films.

The most recent Halloween films were the Rob Zombie reboot and the poorly-received sequel, the latter of which came out in 2009. Although there was some movement on a Halloween 3D film, the project never really took off and seems to be scrapped completely.

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Because it's been quite a number of years since the last film, it's unclear on what this installment will be. One source called it a "recalibration". Not a reimagining or reboot. Recalibration.

Is this really what we're doing now?

Not exactly sure what that means but it seems that the new film will not be a sequel to the last installment.

There is some concern that given the writer's pedigree the films will be heavy on the gore, light on plot. It's way too early to tell if that will be the case however.

Halloween originally came out in 1978 and told the story of Michael Myers, an unstoppable slasher who attacks his victims on Halloween. The film stared a very young Jamie Lee Curtis. There were 7 sequels to the original before Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise.

This latest "recalibration" of Halloween has no release date as of yet.

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