Crossy Road Clones Emerge: Google Play, Windows App Store, Even PS Vita Is Full Of Games Seeking To Cash In On Success

By Alex Riviello , Updated Mar 02, 2015 09:47 AM EST

While you've been stuck trying to unlock every last secret character in Crossy Road, developers across the world, with intellects cool and unsympathetic, regarded this app with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their clones against us. The Windows App Store, Google Play, and even the PS Vita are getting cluttered with pale imitations of the real thing.

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Now we absolutely can't get enough of Crossy Road, which is a brilliant, modern take on Frogger, full of fun characters. It's also a shining of example of how to make free-to-play games work. Even the staunchest opponent of freemium games will find nothing to hate about this title, as each ad is completely optional. You can buy new characters for a buck apiece but you can also try your chance at a prize machine that will give you a random one for free just for picking up coins during the level, or by watching ads. It's brilliant and we love it and applaud its success.

And, as is the case with any popular mobile title, the clones came en mass. We first noticed something was up, as it often is, on the Google Play store.

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For example, there's currently Crossy Jungle, Crossy Chick, Road Crossing, Cross Road, Smashy Road cluttering up the store for anyone to find the real thing. All are free and none make sense to pick up over the original. One of the few that even tries to do its own thing is Mad Hop, a game that looks exactly like Crossy Road (this is going to be a trend), but at least has one unique feature, which is the ability to jump by holding down on the screen. This makes for a slower experience but what do you want for a clone? At least that one's not trying to trick people by emulating the name.

The Windows App Store is equally full of clone titles. Some of the most flagrant of them are Danger Road, which has turles in the water and that's about it as far as changes to the game,

Then there's the cleverly titled Kingdom Crossing: Crossy Heros, which will surely nab other people hoping to find one of the many Kingdom-titled games on the lackluster Windows app store. Crossy Road is actually not available on the Windows store, so these are your only options for crossy fun.

The same is true of the PS Vita, which has a Playstation Mobile title that's a flagrant imitation called Animals: Cross the line. Their commitment to their title's capitalization is as strong as their commitment to making original games, evidently. Unlike all the others on this list this game is actually a paid title, though! $2.79 will get you the game without ads, none of which will go to the people who invented this game. 

Now Crossy Road is in no danger- the game has made boatloads of money, more than the developers even seem to have wanted, but the proliferation of clones is always worrisome. What do you think- are they a serious issue for the industry or just a inevitable byproduct of the new game markets?

Download the real deal on either iOS or Google Play.

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