Call Of Duty Heroes Update 1.4.1 Brings In A Helipad For New Arriving Dignitaries And Other Ingame Improvements

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 02, 2015 02:32 PM EST

Players in Brazil and Portugal can now answer the Call, as version 1.4.1 of Call of Duty: Heroes has been localized in those languages, along with a number of other updates and fixes as part of the latest patch.

Very Crossy. Many Roads. Wow. A Look At All The Knock-offs

The largest addition to the game is the Heli-pad which will enable random visitors to just waltz into your heavily defended compound every two hours and give you Celerium, reduced construction times and other rewards.

In a long overdue move, Unit Training and Resource Collection has been given temporary 'boosts', wherein you spend money and buy the most precious of all resources: time. How a game so like Clash of Clans did not already possess this for the two most critical buildings in the game is beyond me, but the mistake has been corrected.

More Like Mobile Kombat X, Amirite?

To go along with the new boosts, your Command Center has gotten a level upgrade. You can now pimp out your base to level 10 and add some new decorative drones that will hover and patrol around your base, because not all drones are bad, okay?

The many hero units in the game are so damn mighty and charismatic that they can now enhance the abilities of units around them with their new 'Hero Influence Aura'. Snark aside, I am for anything and anyone that does that. Solid choice.

You can download Call of Duty: Heroes for both iOS and Android devices today. It is precisely what you think it is, but in case you need to double check, here's the trailer.

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