PewDiePie News: The King Of YouTube Has Fallen To Toys, DC Toys Collector In Top Spot For Views

By Donyae , Updated Mar 03, 2015 01:50 PM EST

Well it seems that the king has finally fallen. PewDiePie is not in the number one most viewed spot on YouTube as the year begins. The gaming bro-king was overtaken by rival DC Toys Collector. The King is dead. Long live the King!

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PewDiePie is still the number one ranking channel for gaming it should be noted. He's just no longer in the top spot for YouTube views over all. That position is now held by Funtoys Collector aka DC Toys Collector aka Disney Collector.

The channel that toppled Pewds focuses on unboxing toys. Namely cute and fun toys. No one knows who is behind it as they've never shown their face, only their hands. Very mysterious.

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They were however, one of the top earners in 2014 so it's really no surprise that they're creeping up on the bro.

PewDiePie is still very popular and occupies the number two spot. However, his views for the month, which came in at almost 418 million couldn't compete with Funtoys Collector which garnered almost 10 million more reports Tubefilter.

In fact the top viewers for YouTube for the beginning of the year mostly had one thing in common. They were, for the most part, all focused on children. From toys to lullabies, it seems that the most prominent surfers of the streaming channel are the younger set (or their parents, desperate to distract them).

This may be the start of an overall trend that sees the streaming service set up more for the little folk then it is for adult viewers and may lead PewDiePie to fall further down in the rankings.

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