Vainglory Android Release Confirmed: Closed Beta Of Incredible Mobile MOBA Confirmed By Super Evil Megacorp

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 06, 2015 03:01 PM EST

That 'exclusive' iOS MOBA isn't so exclusive anymore. Super Evil Megacorp has started the Android beta for its wonderful multiplayer online battle arena game, Vainglory.

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Interested players can apply here, but take heart, only those rocking the following devices are eligible: Google Nexus 5 and 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4; and the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4
and S5.

The game was touted as one of the killer-apps when it was unveiled alongside the new iPhone 6 at last year's Apple Keynote conference, where it was on hand to show off Metal, Apple's new gaming hardware for mobile devices. This was - and is - to be the app that made the fullest use of the new line of iPhones and iPads. While I am an Apple guy because I'm lazy and because the games come out first here, I can't help but feel a little slighted.

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Why you got to leave me, baby? Why?

"Super Evil Megacorp is bringing stunning visuals and exciting gameplay to Android with Vainglory," said Keita Iida, Senior Director, Global Content Management at NVIDIA. "SHIELD tablet is the ultimate tablet for gaming and Vainglory is a great example of how amazing games are coming to mobile devices."

An open beta will be made available at a later date. No word on cross-platform play was announced, though that should definitely be happening.

Well, we are living in the age of exclusive non-exclusivity. Or as it may better be known as: 'timed exclusivity'. Sure, you can get Tomb Raider on your system...for a few months. Giving great content to everyone is the way of the future; but how can I lord my superiority over the peasants if you all have access to the same stuff?

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