Clash Of Clans Golem Attacks Strategy Guide: You Can Never Have Too Many [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 11, 2015 01:51 PM EDT

How many Golems is too many Golems?

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The answer is simple: none too many Golems; at least that's the case in Clash of Clans. These things are great. They make up the spine of the GoWiPe attack, but that's only at most four. What happens when you bring five or more?

Largely, the exact same outcome. In fact, when Galadon of Clash of Clans Attacks tried out different combinations of Golem assaults (and was given several by his clan members) the results were so spectacular that you wonder why you don't see more of them!

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I'm talking an easy three star on high level bases. And not 'oh I had to scrape and claw my way to get that perfect score', I'm talking legitimate, still have several troops standing utter conquest of your opponent. It's like you can almost hear the lamentations of their women from the screen.

Golems are the heavy hitting landtanks of Clash of Clans. They soak up damage like nothing else, and are the most effective way of neutralizing defenses that rely on splash damage. The best part is that when damaged, the Golem breaks apart into tinier golemites which continue their reign of terror. So if you bring say, eight of the stony walls to battle, you're really getting 24 units out of the deal.

The key to a heavy Golem attack is spells. Jump spells in particular. You don't want your guys wandering around the outsides of a villages, as they are wont to do, so you need to get them right in the middle of it. Max level jump spells can last up to a minute, so you can even put them down before deploying the troops.

As with a GoWiPe, bring in a few wizards to take down all the smaller, non-defensive buildings. But feel free to forego the PEKKA.

It's a tremendously effective strategy. Watch it done to near perfection with five, seven and finally eight Golems below.

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