Dying Light Upcoming DLC Will Add Bows And Arrows, Dune Buggy Driving, And More In The Future [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 11, 2015 02:31 PM EDT

Dying Light developer Techland released a free Hard Mode and gameplay update yesterday as well as the next DLC, but the team also teased some exciting future content.

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Hidden in the excitement of a new difficult level, outfits, gameplay tweaks, and other additions was a video about what's still to come for the game. Eurogamer picked up on it in a video from the team captured by YouTuber Ethan Shapiro, which shows off such additions as a dune buggy and bows and arrows.

Bows and arrows are a zombie-killing classic, and it's surprising there hasn't been any such weapon in the game already. Regardless, you can see toward the end of the video that at least one bow and arrow weapon is on the way. The buggy looks like a lot of fun, though, and there is presumably a new area associated with driving it.

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In the brief glimpse, the player is using the vehicle to run over some zombies on some farm land. At one point there's another buggy driving up ahead, which could be part of a mission or another player. Online racing, maybe? We'll have to wait and see. There's also talk of free content packs, and a shiny axe weapon and some new costumes are shown during that narration. Techland's support of an already good and lengthy game has been very strong since launch, and it seems like there's plenty more to be excited about going forward.

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