DC Comics News: Free New Original Eight-Page Mini Books Coming From The Publisher In May

By Donyae , Updated Mar 12, 2015 12:28 PM EDT

DC is overhauling their entire universe with the Convergence event. One of the causalities of this change will be the New 52 universe that has been the standard of DC for the last three years. To get fans back in the swing of things, the company will be offering free eight page mini books to fans.

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These minibooks will be all original stories from a variety of the 49 titles that will be running after the Convergence event, reports Comic Book Resources. They will be available in digital format through the DC website as well as ComiXology and other digital platforms Dan DiDio reveled to members of the press.

"There is no overarching brand on this. This is DC Comics, pure and simple. Because it's DC Comics, we have the liberty to go out and sell every single title individually. Which is what we want. Every one of these books is its own entity, and we have to sell them in that fashion."

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We hear that they were planning to be ambitious with their new titles, which is great news for a company that historically is fairly conservative.

The new books will be available during May, although there is no exact date given. They will also cover a variety of DC titles but no official list has been shared as of yet.

DiDio has said that the titles featured in the eight page minis will include both the more lighthearted and the harder hitting books, so there will be a little something for every fan.

The free eight-page books will be available in May through the DC website as well as other digital retailers.

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