Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Expansion Pre-Order Earns You Exclusive 'Molten Core' Card Back

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 20, 2015 09:22 AM EDT

Blizzard welcomes you to the fiery furnace of Blackrock Mountain, where adventure, danger and epic loot awaits. Players may now pre-order the next Hearthstone expansion to have it waiting for them when it releases sometime in April.

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The entire five-wing set will run $24.99 and can be found in the Hearthstone marketplace. One wing per week will be released, so you will have to wait for each successive wing to be opened. Additionally, players who pre-order Blackrock Mountain- and only players who pre-order - will gain the Molten Core card back.

Blizzard also revealed three new cards from the upcoming set (31 new cards will be introduced). What is even left to show off at this time? Besides an actual release date, that is.

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The first card is Flamewalker, a 3-cost, 2/4 creature that just loves magic.

He could find a home in almost any deck, but would be perfect for Mage - or the subclass Mech Mage - as it has a built in Arcane Missiles already. Heck, just cast an Arcane Missile with this out on the board and voila, two Arcane Missiles. Good for control.

Hey, everybody. Do you like Face Hunters? No? Of course you don't. Even if you're a Face Hunter (an aggro rush variant) you have a bit of self-loathing. It's okay to admit it. Well, now we can all not like them even more with Core Rager. Chances are it will be played as a typical Beast, but if you get one out during the last rounds or so when your hand is empty (and you're a hunter, by round eight your hand is completely spent), then things get mighty interesting. Suddenly that 4/4 becomes a 7/7 - and let's hope your opponent doesn't have a BGH or Nesingwary hanging out, just in case.

And Warlocks have a new best friend with the Imp Gang Boss that produces a bunch of little imps whenever it takes damage. There seems to be an emphasis on cards that create other cards in this set, either by copying themselves like the Grim Patron and the Dragon Egg.

More to come, of that we are sure.

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