Man Beats 'Dark Souls' With A Bongo Drum Because Winning Just Is Not Enough Anymore [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 21, 2015 09:50 AM EDT

So you think you're good at Dark Souls, huh? You're maxed out, you know all the moves an enemy is going to make and you know the most efficient way through all the dungeons. That's cute, but we are unimpressed.

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See, in this day of internet videos, it's not enough to just beat a game. Our editor Alex always says he beat Battletoads, but did he really? There's no proof of that! No, simply beating a game isn't noteworthy, not anymore. You have to do something really crazy; nowadays, it is all about HOW you beat a game.

Enter Bearzly, whom you might remember as that crazy guy who beat Dark Souls and Dark Souls II using a guitar peripheral as his controller. Well, even he isn't impressed by that feat anymore. A guitar is so last year. In fact, he's not even interested in using the Rock Band drum controller, which at least has more options for you. No, no. Now, the intrepid internet wunderkid has stepped up his game: he's beaten Dark Souls with a bongo drum.

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Now you're just showing off, Bearzly! Though we must admire the dedication to this series of utterly impractical attempts at awesomeness. Bongo drums are...unique peripherals and feature a whole mess of sub-controls that have to be toggled on and off. Bearzly manages to not only make it work, but make it look easy, too.

"This was a pretty fun run!" Bearzly said. "Total run time was just under five hours and 30 minutes, with somewhere around 57 deaths in total." See the full run over at his Twitch channel. Highlights below.

I can't even beat Dark Souls with a controller and a cheat guide, and here you are beating it with a drum? I feel utterly inadequate.

No, scratch that. I don't feel inadequate, I am THOROUGHLY UNIMPRESSED.

Beat Dark Souls with a microphone, then we'll talk.

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