Splatoon Details: Nintendo Reveals New Multiplayer Ranked Mode For Colorful Wii U Team Battler

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 24, 2015 10:39 AM EDT

Nintendo revealed some new details for their upcoming multiplayer Wii U game, Splatoon.

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Splatoon is a third person co-op action adventure game in which teams of up to four players (known as Inklings) battle one another in a riotous, colorful arena where they shoot not bullets, but paint. Teams attempt to paint the battleground with as much of their own team's paint to secure victory. The fun happens when players can swim through the ink, appearing at various other places to harry and annoy their opponents.

While there is an expansive single player campaign, which goes into the world and characters, the main draw will be the multiplayer components. The main multiplayer mode is Turf Mode, in which players have to dominate the other team by covering the most ground with their own paint. Turf War is available the moment you acquire the game.

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However, Nintendo revealed a new multiplayer mode, Ranked Battle, which keeps track of each player's online ranking. Splat Zones is one of the additional ways to play online in this mode. What's a Splat Zone? Well, Splat Zones let players try to control the territory of specific areas of the map with their ink blasts. As they play these ranked modes online, they will have the opportunity to increase their rating from "C-" to "A+," which will be dynamically updated based on their performance.

So it acts much like a leveling process in various online FPS and MOBA titles. "Players will need to achieve an in-game online Level of 10 by leveling up their Inkling in Turf War online matches before gaining access to these additional modes."

Getting messy has never looked so fun before. Splatoon is due out this May exclusively for the Wii U. Head over to the official site for more details and watch the trailer below.

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